My Story

Geographically Challenged | Photo by: Whin

Geographically Challenged | Photo by: Whin in 2011

Hi! I’m Shylla :)

I can’t stay in one place even at early age, that’s why my mum would always tell me I have an itchy sole. I started traveling more when I joined mountaineering in college, but I only started to see other countries in 2006 when I moved to Singapore. Then I relocated to Dubai to follow my heart. That was the only time I started this blog because I was too scared for the world to see my private life. With the help of friends who kept on telling me that I should share my travel stories, (because it might inspire other people the way it inspires them), so I am here now! I will try to move my travel stories slowly, so please be gentle with me :P

I am originally from Manila, Philippines but having lived in Singapore and Dubai for almost 2 decades, I only visit my home country when a friend or a family is getting married and I am invited, lol! I now live here in London since 2019 to start a new adventure! Please join me in this new chapter of my life :)

4 thoughts on “My Story

  1. i love your blogs. It seems like I’m also travelling with you. And I get to see different places all the time! Congrats and keep travelling and blogging (parang bday with ko lang diba).

  2. Thanks mare! hehe. I try my hardest to update this blog with my past travels, it’s years in the making already and I am still not finished haha! Thanks for visiting and liking my entries, it’s my pleasure to share my stories ;)

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