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Geographically Challenged | Photo by: Whin

Geographically Challenged | Photo by: Whin

Hi! I’m Shylla :)

I can’t stay in one place even at early age, that’s why my mum would always tell me I have an itchy sole (mums!). I started traveling more when I joined mountaineering in college, but I only started to see other countries last 2006 when I got a job in Singapore. I lived there for almost (5) five years before I relocated here in Dubai, to follow my heart. I must say, that putting up this blog is already (8) years years in the making, because I was too lazy and too scared for the world to see my private life. With the help of friends who kept on telling me that I should share my travel stories, (because it might inspire other people the way it inspires them), so I am here now! I will try to move my travel stories slowly from my Facebook to this site, so please be gentle with me :P

I am originally from Philippines. I am very patriotic in a way that I do not want other nationalities criticizing my own country even if it’s the truth, haha! I feel like I am the only one who has the right to do so. I even despise those Filipinos who criticize our country with foreigners. I do this because this is the only little way I know I could, to help our country uplift its image to the rest of the world.

I am an Interior Designer by profession. If I could only choose another career that will require me to travel around, I will grab it at once. Unfortunately, I have to stay as an Interior Designer so i could sustain my travel addiction. If I will win the lottery, I would definitely quit my job and go fulfill My Travel Buckelist! But the problem is, I hate betting :P

I love Ryan Gosling.

In My Travels, I seize every moment. I used to make my own itinerary and budget list, but as I get older (I guess) I don’t do this anymore if it’s not necessary, because I have learnt that exploring a foreign land where your feet leads you is very liberating than following what others have done already.  I used to research a lot before I travel, but I don’t do this anymore also, it sort of spoiling my expectation and tend to less appreciate what I am seeing in front of me. Little research will do, then when I get there, that’s when I start to learn and unlearn.  I’m not a fussy traveler, I can sleep at any accommodation, if I could sleep inside a tent I would. I’m an adventurous foodie, I only eat specialties of that place as much as possible. I’d rather walk than take a cab. I hate shopping except when I’m traveling, but I prefer local flea/night markets. I get up early and sleep late. I don’t care if it’s tiring, for me, I always treat every trip as my last. Lastly, I will always find My Snowglobe for my collection.

Music is my passion. I love going to Concerts & Music Festivals. I play the guitar and used to be a band member of an all-female band in college in mid-90’s and again in Singapore from 2007-2011. I’m a frustrated singer and I enjoy watching singing contests. Pardon me, but I judge people based on their type of music hehe. I don’t appreciate people who are pretentious of the music they are listening just to get people’s approval, and for people who are very particular with their music genre. My Playlist would be –  if it’s good music, I listen to it.


4 thoughts on “My Story

  1. i love your blogs. It seems like I’m also travelling with you. And I get to see different places all the time! Congrats and keep travelling and blogging (parang bday with ko lang diba).

  2. Thanks mare! hehe. I try my hardest to update this blog with my past travels, it’s years in the making already and I am still not finished haha! Thanks for visiting and liking my entries, it’s my pleasure to share my stories ;)

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