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Rawa, Malaysia: Everyone Has Their Own Lust And Desire

“Gajah berhati, kuman pun berhati juga.”
(An elephant got a heart and so does a germ.) – Malayan Proverb

Pulau Rawa, Malaysia | 2011


Pulau Rawa is one of the best island you can visit in Malaysia that is very close from Singapore for just a weekend getaway that you don’t need to fly. It is often visited by my German friends, and I heard it from my friend, Basti, for the first time, and told me that I should visit it.



So when one of our friends, Markus, organized a group trip for the upcoming Supermoon weekend in 2010, a lot of us joined as it is really hard to book rooms for Rawa because it’s just a tiny island with only 2 hotel resorts that you need to book like at least 2 months ahead, in which Markus have done for all of us.

The 2 resorts are the Rawa Safari (where Markus booked us) and beside that resort are the bungalows for cheaper option which is the Le Club Rawa (where Basti stayed before).



From Singapore we took coach going to Mersing (around 3hrs travel), and from Mersing we took ferry to Rawa for less than an hour ride only, easy! We stayed at Rawa Safari for a deluxe hillside accomodation which I find the rooms space too luxurious if you are travelling with friends, especially if staying overnight only.

I think 4 people can share the twin pax room as it has 2 double sized bed, our package is S$250 all-in (transportation, food, and accomodation) but if we stay at Le Club Rawa (bungalows) it will only be around S$150 only all-in. These prices were in 2010.


In comparison, if I had the “time” to book it myself, I’d rather stay at Le Club Rawa as it is more laidback unlike Rawa Safari. This is the reason why we spent most of our time at Le Club because the bar at Le Club is open until 3-4am with loud music going on for the people partying along the beach haha!

Volleyball at Le Club Rawa


There was a Supermoon when we visited Rawa. As what they say, people get crazy during full moons, so as this is not an ordinary full moon, it was a lot crazier, lol! I must say that I had a lot of drinks also that time but I looked sober compared to the others in the group, haha! I was partly shocked at how others acted that night but not to the extent that I have changed my views for them as my friends or even as a person.


Some of you might be wondering what kind of crazy I was talking about? Well, let’s just say that as the Malayan proverb would say, an elephant got a heart and so does a germ. Whether you’re tame or a loud person, everybody has their own lust and desire. I admit I also have mine, of course! But during this Supermoon trip, I just enjoyed watching friends I know get “crazy”, lol!

That’s all I can share, my lips are sealed lol!

Overall, it was a fun weekend and something I will always remember my friends in Singapore for. A lot of them I lost contact with already, some I’ve fallen out, and few are still my friends until now. This trip is one of the best memories of my single life in Singapore, just happy being with friends around me, regardless who and what they are ;)

Sunset at the hilltop


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