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Revisiting Phuket: Third Time Is A Charm

“Families are made in the heart.
The only time family becomes null is when those ties in the heart are cut.
If you cut those ties, those people are not your family. If you make those ties, those people are your family.
And if you hate those ties, those people will still be your family because whatever you hate will always be with you.” ― C. JoyBell C.


Kata Beach | Phuket 2014

When my sister gave birth to my lovely niece before my birthday, my thoughtful and loving husband thought of visiting them in Phuket as his birthday present to me! I was very excited because aside from not seeing them for 3 years now, they didn’t make it to attend our wedding. Even if I’ve visited Phuket twice already, I knew that this third visit would be the best of all my visits!

This trip was my husband’s first time in Phuket, so I tried to make it memorable for him as well. I looked for hotels that were both have an authentic Thai vibe to it, and as he requested, must have a beach view :P

The weather during our first few days were lovely! It was sunny but not too hot. But towards the end of our trip, it was raining profusely, but as what my husband said – Phuket is one of those places on earth that you don’t mind even when it rains!

Aside from attending my niece’s Christening/Dedication, we were lucky also that a lot of our friends whom we’ve invited to our wedding that didn’t make it, were visiting Phuket too same time as ours! What a treat! (Our couple friends from Dubai who relocated in Hongkong already, my long-time bffs from Philippines and Singapore)

We divided our stay into two towns, so we could enjoy both worlds of Phuket. We stayed in Patong for 4 days so my husband can experience the nightlife of Phuket, and another 4 days in Kata so we could both experience a relaxing holiday by the beach, it was my first time too to stay in Kata!

I have written about Patong already on my previous entries, you can check it HERE.

I’m going to write about Kata this time ;)

Kata Beach is a more peaceful town in Phuket compared to Patong, it’s smaller and quieter too. The beach is a lot more bluer and clearer, I also love the fine sand even if it’s ivory or not that white. There are a lot of water sports activities especially surfing as the waves here can quite get real high and fast.

We stayed at Kata Beach Resort which is the only hotel by the beach that is within the centre of Kata’s happenings. It’s close to shops, massage parlours, restaurants and bars. We liked hanging out at the Ska Bar even if there’s no live band playing because it’s very close to our hotel and they serve good Thai food at a very good price!

Our favorite Ska Bar close to Kata Beach Resort

Our favorite small and cozy Ska Bar close to Kata Beach Resort

My friend from HK and I were joined by one of my long-time bff and her boyfriend for an island hopping to visit Maya Beach in Koh Phiphi. I’ve done this before but it was the time when it was raining hard too (see story HERE) and unfortunately, rain was a lot worst this time, so we weren’t able to visit it :(

The next few days were still raining hard, but that didn’t stopped us from playing with the strong waves of Kata! If we were surfers, perhaps that would’ve been Christmas Day for us hehe. We still had so much fun!

We also went to the Phuket Vegetarian Festival at Phuket Town. It was like the Thaipussam Indian Festival I’ve seen in Singapore before, where devotees do gruesome ceremonies like piercings, walking in firecrackers and flaming charcoals, etc! You can find the full info about this HERE. But what I enjoyed on this festival was the food! Hehe…no meat but twice as good! ;)

Before my wedding, my sister and my nephew were my only immediate family. We lost both of our parents long time ago and when we all relocated in Singapore together. It saddened me to leave them when I moved to Dubai to be with my husband, so since then we have been living thousands of miles away from each other, for 3 years already.

So when they did not make it to attend my wedding because her doctor didn’t allow her to travel (because she was 7-months pregnant then), I was devastated. I was so upset that they could not make it even after I’ve done all I could to bring them to my wedding. To cut it short, I got angry (I have my reasons) and we didn’t speak for quite a long time. We only spoke again after my wedding. We don’t hold grudges that long as we have been like this anyway ever since haha! We do have countless fights in the past already and we make up quickly just because we have no choice haha! Because we only have each other in this world :P

Wonderful sunset in Phuket!

Wonderful sunset in Phuket!

Seriously, it’s not because we have no choice, but because maybe we are family. Just like how I interpret the quote from C.Joybell.C.Family is a family, it is made in the heart and tied, and if you hate it, it will still stay with you. So would you rather choose to hate them and carry the burden in your heart or choose not to hate and be free and happy?

This third trip of mine in Phuket is indeed the best of all my visits in this island. Not only because it was my birthday or I am with my husband and dear friends, but also because I am with my family and met the newest member of our family, my niece. I miss them terribly, and I want to visit or see them more often, but of course that will be difficult. But I know that despite the distance, there will always be this tie between us that can never be untied.

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