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Tokyo: Fast, Furious, and Drifting

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“Life’s simple. You make choices and you don’t look back.” – Han in Fast and  The Furious: Tokyo Drift

Subway Train Map

Subway Train Map

Tokyo as Japan’s capital, is now the most populated city in the world. In Tokyo, you’ll witness how high-tech Japan is. It’s a very busy city that if you walk slowly, people will carelessly bump you. Very similar to Singapore but everything is already marked with being the pioneer of those technology that a newly developed countries like Singapore is having just now. One proof is their Subway Train, they have lots of lines that I don’t think any ordinary Japanese could even memorize their train maps, see the photo above!


Tokyo Night.

Places we visited:

1. Tokyo Disney Resort
Since we have been to Disneyland already, we chose to go to Disneysea, where only in Japan has! Pretty much similar to Disneyland, but the attractions here are all those that has something to do with “water”. Disnesea’s finale presentation was more like the Sentosa Magical Fountain. I didn’t enjoy it coz the one in Sentosa is more spectacular and with a story plot. Disneysea’s is very wannabe ;(

We still wanted to visit Japan’s red light district Kabukicho (where prostitutes are more refined than any party animals out there) then go clubbing at Roponggi, but then again we felt so tired all day strolling all over Disneysea ;’(

We stayed at Mitzui Garden Hotel (Disney Partner Hotel) along the Tokyo Bay in Chiba. 

I took the Onsen steam bath!
Since camera is not allowed inside, I’ll just give a brief description. Japanese takes a bath by sitting down. If we Filipinos have “tabo” (dipper) they always have basin on the side, I wonder at first then I saw them putting their face towels that they use as their loofah/shower net. They sit because it’s their culture coz bathrooms in Japan are too small.

2. Asakusa Kannon Buddhist Temple
A big paper lantern at Kaminarimon Gate marks this temple and you will find many souvenir shops along the narrow street called Nakamise Avenue, which leads the way to the temple.

3. Tokyo Tower for a view at the Observation Deck and see the citylights at night, they said it is better to go here at night .

If you have a lot of time, go take a tour to Mount Fuji, or take Hakone Tour or go to Yokohama and visit Hello Kitty Puroland! Have a great shopping time as you proceed to Odaiba. This is a popular place in Tokyo, which offers an amazing selection of entertainment and exhibition facilities.

I love to people-watch when I was in Japan. Their eccentricity amazes me, they do not dress up for any cosplay or anything, it’s just their everyday normal get-up. Here are some of my favorite shots:

Other interesting places to shop/stroll: 

Akihabara – Electronics and gadgets;
Shinkuju and Ginza – fashion people watch;
Shibuya – hordes of young people;
Ueno Park – second hand original brands;
Torihana – factory outlets (Nike. Adidas, etc)

If ever i’ll go back to Japan, i’ll visit Tokyo longer ;)


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