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München: 200th Year of Oktoberfest!


2010 Oktoberfest at München

The very first ORIGINAL Oktoberfest was held last October 1810 (exactly 200 years) to celebrate the wedding of King Ludwig and his Queen (still a Princess at that time). Initially, it was just for horse race and carnaval, then when it became successful and helpful for Munich’s agriculture, they hold it yearly and lengthen it like 2 weeks more in September coz it’s not that cold yet.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow Oktoberfest is considered as the largest outdoor fair and most visited like 5 million attendees every year! It was fun to see the Bavarian culture especially as they dress their traditional clothes (it’s not a costume they say!) and traditional Bavarian food! and of course, what else!…BIERS!

We always joke around about associating BEERS with the Germans, like as if they were born with a bottle of beer already in their mouth lol, but yeah, beer drinking is just like eating rice or noodles for them haha! One good example was, when my friend RH, was feeling a bit sick, guess what my German friend’s mom (Eva) offered?

“Do you want some hot beer?”
And she was serious.

Name it, they have all types of beer! I stopped drinking beer years ago, but the beer here just taste really different (good!) so i didn’t mind having one too for my almost every meal, my favorite will be Radler (or it’s like Shandy) and Beck’s with Green Lemon! Aaah, how i wish they will have it here in Singapore! Oh, and I even visited a MONASTERY, and they have their own beer brewery! Only in Germany ^wink^


The monastery that has own beer brewery!

They said it’s expensive coz price is 5 times the normal price. But when i tried to convert it, one liter of beer inside the tent is just like one pint of beer in Clarke Quay! Not so expensive for me then haha!

Surprisingly, despite the pre-warnings about having lots of drunk people in this event, I never encountered any harm for myself, at all! And I enjoyed watching drunk people especially the dramas between couples hihihi. It was so much fun!

I also enjoyed the carnaval! It’s like being a child once again, and i noticed that most of the people taking the rides etc were adults :P

Bottoms up…er, bottom line is: I enjoyed it A LOT!!!



My friend Isi and I with her friends wearing the Dirndl!

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