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Titlis via Lucerne: The Greatest Designer

“Kommet her und sehet an die werke Gottes, der so wunderbar ist. – Psalms 66:5…
Dir Gott sei preis und ruhm gebracht, du hast ein schöpfungswerk vollbracht voll herrlichkeit und schöne.”
“Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people! – Psalm 66:5 … Lord you be praised, your creation is magnificent and full of beauty.”
(Translation courtesy of my friend Chris Pa)


Signage at Titlis

This is the signage I saw right at the foot of Mt. Titlis in Urner Alps of Switzerland, I knew that it has something to do about the beauty of creation of our God! Our trip to Titlis was really breathtaking! After visiting cities after cities and seeing wonderful creations of “men”, I had a break and see countryside of Europe for the first time and I was really dumbfounded, the green hilly scenes, barn houses and farm animals that I can only imagine in fairy tales were just in front of me!




The Alps cover most of the Switzerland’s surface area making it one of the most alpine countries. Mt. Titlis is the closest alps mountain we can go from Zurich via Lucerne, it is located at the municipality of Engelberg meaning “Angel Mountain”. It is very famous because this is where you can find the world’s very first revolving cable car, the Rotair.




You will have to pay the cable car for about 40 Swiss Francs up to the summit where you can experience snow all throughout the year and can even enter a glacier cave! But we just went to the middle part which is around 27 Swiss Francs, what i like about here is the lake! There are free boats here that you can paddle around the lake, well you need to give at least a donation, but it was my first time and it was a great experience!



Going back to Zurich, we stopped by Lucerne to have lunch and a little stroll around the city…what i really enjoyed from this trip is the scenery along the way while Basti was driving his car. I have been a designer all my life and keep on seeing and meeting great designers in my field, I have studied and seen marvelous designs from the great designers in our history, but truly, God is the greatest designer I’ve ever known!




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