My Travel Bucketlist

7 continents & 56 countries is just 22% of the world!? I’m totally running out of time, haha! >.<

I realized I have ticked off mostly my original travel bucket list from 2006!
So like any travel addicts out there, the list will just go on as you ticked off from your list, right? So I am adding new ones to those I have not done yet with my old list.

As of October 2013, my NEW bucket list starts at No.31:

1. Travel at least twice a year, one domestic and one abroad. (I wrote this when I was still in Manila)
2. Climb Mount Apo in Davao and eat ice cream on top.
3. Go back to Boracay and try fire dancing.
4. Roll over on hills at Batanes while singing.
5. Get PADI license and dive at Palawan. (though I got my PADI in Singapore hehe)
6. Take an adventure backpacking at South East Asia. (Done once only, Thailand to Cambodia :P)
7. Try smoking at Jamaica *wink*
8. Attend a music festival in Ireland. (No music festival though, I must return for that!)
9. Play a percussion at Taj Mahal, India. (Done both but in separate occassion haha!)
10. Get inked at Miami, Florida. (Didn’t get an ink though, must be on my next visit!)
11. Celebrate New Year’s Countdown at New York City. (Not NYE though, next visit I hope!)
12. Learn to make Kimchi at Seoul, South Korea.
13. See the sunset at Bali, Indonesia.
14. See the sunrise at Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.
15. Walk around the Stonehenge at England.
16. See actual birthplace of Jesus in Jerusalem, Israel.
17. Float in the Dead Sea at Jordan.
18. Swim at Phi Phi Islands in Phuket, Thailand.
19. See the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in Reykjavik Iceland / Tromsø, Norway (I have seen the lights at Reykjavik, but I need to see it dancing maybe in Tromsø someday!)
20. Wear a dirndl dress at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
21. Touch the Roman columns I used to draw at Rome, Italy.
22. Kiss someone at Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. (I have been there, but failed to kiss someone :P)
23. Crawl under the Cu Chi Tunnel in Vietnam.
24. Visit Scandinavia.
25. Bathe at a Turkish Bath in Istanbul.
26. Wear white and blue bikini in Greece. 
27. Attend Tomatina Festival in Valencia, Spain.  (Just because Valencia is my middle name!)
28. Get crazy at Carnival at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
29. Chase a Kangaroo in Australia.
30. Taste an actual snowflake coming down from the sky in Canada. (Need to go back when it’s winter!)

31. Hug a penguin in Antarctica. (Although, it’s prohibited to hug them. They’re stinky anyway, lol!)
32. Ascend Macchu Pichu in Peru. (And i reached the summit of Huayna Picchu too!)
33. Have a jump shot at Mount Everest basecamp.
34. Trans-Siberian Railway from/to Russia!
35. Visit Iguasu falls of Argentina. (And Brazil side too!)
36. Dance Polynesian at Easter Island in Chile.
37. Have a photo with Ryan Gosling in Hollywood, California. (a look-alike will do lol!)
38. Play ukelele in Hawaii wearing grass skirt :P
39. Be on top of Table Mountain at Cape Town, South Africa.
40. See Victoria Falls at Zambia.
41. Party in Ibiza, Spain before I get too old for it!
42. Face to face with a polar bear in Greenland :O (Didn’t see any polar bear though. An what was I thinking when I wrote this? Face to face? Haha glad I didn’t!)
43. Trek Great Wall of China, at least half of it? (apparently this is not possible without govt’s approval haha!)
44. Fly a balloon/s at Angel Falls in Venezuela :P
45. Visit Stone Forest at Madagascar.
46. Witness the Great Wildebeest Migration at Kenya.
47. Swim with the turtles at Blue Lagoon in Galapagos, Ecuador.
48. Volunteer work at Ethiopia.
49. Stay awake more than 24hours in Denali, Alaska.
50. Visit Auschwitz from Krakow, Poland via local train.
51. Route 66 roadtrip!
52. Have a romantic dinner at Maldives.
53. Milk a cow in New Zealand.
54. Eat my favorite food (Mexican!) while in Chichen Itza Mexico!
55. Scream my lungs out at Grand Canyon.
56. Learn to dance salsa in Cuba.
57. Contemplate in Tibet with or without the Dalai Lama :D
58. Do the Camino de Santiago once I found a purpose for doing it…
59. Cross the International Date Line cruising from Fiji to Tahiti to miss my birthday! (perhaps my 50th!?)
60. Have a photo with a local in North Korea.

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