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Miami Beach: Memories That Bring Joy

“If I’m remembered for having done a few good things, and if my presence here has sparked some good energies, that’s plenty.” – Sidney Poitier (Hollywood actor from Miami)

Miami has always been on the list of places I wanted to visit in USA, I’ve only seen it in tellies and movies but its vibe always brings me joy like my happy place – it’s vibrant, it’s sunny, and it’s PINK!

When I was planning this trip to USA, I want to visit Miami but then I will be solo, husband cannot join me and a bit too late to invite friends to join me too. Miami is more of like a party place than a retreat place so I decided to just join my friend, Zoe, on her trip to New Orleans instead. But when we were looking for flights going to Havana, we saw a flight with a long layover in Miami! So, I guess it was fated!


We arrived in the morning and Miami was definitely a breath of fresh air! First it wasn’t as hot and humid as New Orleans and it really is ha appy place for me, it’s like inside a Barbie world, lol! My friend and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures in every step we took carrying our luggages, we were not even at our hostel yet, haha! I loss count how many times I have told her – it is so like in the movies!

We chose to stay at Miami Beach in South Beach to be specific because we only have a day so better be close to the beach and, well, parties. We booked a double room at Bed N’Drinks Hostel which is centrally located at James Avenue. We were joined by another friend or ours, RH, who arrived the day before us.


We initially planned to have lunch at Española Way Sunday Market which is just few steps from our hostel, but our friend, RH, told us we just go to Wynwood Wall Art District in Downtown Miami. Anyway, I wanted to see that place too because I am a graffiti whore, and so we went,

Wynwood Wall is one of the largest open-air street art installations in the world. There used to be lots of galleries, museums,and art studios but due to rising rent prices there were only less than 10 galleries remained.

As soon as we got back to our hostel, we already needed to meet my friend’s friend at the beach. He is a local but his family are originally from Peru. Miami people are have mostly have a Latin American origin so they speak Spanish or Spanglish here, for awhile I thought we are not in USA anymore.

The beach with clear blue waters from Atlantic Ocean and white fine sand are as fabulous as the people around Miami. The art deco architecture along the beach and parallel to the beach road makes it more charming.

After hanging out at the beach, we ran out of time to walk around Art Deco District as we decided to have “the best taco in town” and some Micheladas. Miami cuisine is called New World Cuisine combines Nuevo Latino or Florribean, Latin American and Caribbean culinary tradition prepared in such a way like European cooking.

We were also supposed to see the sunset at South Pointe Park to see Miami’s skyline, but we had to go back to our hostel to get ready for dinner. We had our dinner at Yardbird to try Miami’s New World cuisine and food was really great and too filling that after we ate, we just want to go back to our hostel and sleep, lol!

Unfortunately, that’s a true story, haha! My friend, RH, and I still went out for a walk for awhile before going to bed so we still see a little bit of the nightlife of South Beach. We sat on one of the benches by the beach road opposite the nightclubs and bar with fancy colourful lights and reminisce those times we used to hang out when we were still together in Singapore.

We just laugh when we remember silly things we have done together and as they say that’s a good sign of “maturity” haha! It may be silly but it brings joy every time we recall those times, and that’s what matters. No regrets! If I’m remembered for having done a few good things, and if my presence here has sparked some good energies, that’s plenty.

When we walked back to our hostel, the party just started there (it won’t be called Bed N’Drinks for nothing!) but we were just worn-out and called it a night. Yeah, we’re old now and boring, lol!




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