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Ibiza: Never Too Old To Dream

“I’m so afraid of mistakes that I’ve made. Shaking every time that I awake. I feel like a cardboard cut-out man. So build me a time, when the characters rhyme and the storyline is kind. I’ve aged and aged since the first page, I’ve lived every line that you wrote.” – (Ibiza Bar by Pink Floyd)


Figuerettas Beach | Ibiza Town

Ibiza is a party island, though we should not forget that it is because of its wonderful beaches that draw people to come here in the early days. I love beach parties, these are the moments when I enjoy dancing to trance or house music more than inside any obnoxious clubs. I’ve always attended the Zouk Out beach parties when I was still in Singapore and I love the Sandance beach parties here in Dubai as well. When my friend RH and I went to the original Full-Moon Party in Koh Pangan, I said we must also visit Ibiza in the future.

And this year is that time. I said, this is the time to go to Ibiza before we get too old to party in Ibiza haha! So when my friend RH invited me to go with her on this trip, I knew I will be in the best company I want going there, besides my husband does not want to ever go back in Ibiza anyway, so this invitation was just perfect! She booked 2 nights in Ibiza Town so we could “party hard” and 2 nights in up north, Sant Miguel, to relax and to experience the full-moon drumming party at Benirras Beach.

Unfortunately, my friend was poorly >.<
So the “partying hard” plan is definitely out haha! It’s a good thing we stayed at Ibiza Town and not in Sant Antoni which is the busier party area of the island, so we didn’t really looked like we’re out of place of just staying in at night hehe.


Ibiza Town

I’m glad that one of our friend, Sharmin, whom we’ve just met in La Tomatina was also in Ibiza with her friend, if it wasn’t for her invitation to go clubbing I think we have no “party” story to share with our friends! It was Sharmin’s birthday too so I really cannot refuse her invitation even if we have to go halfway to Sant Antoni, in Amnesia at Sant Rafael.


Ibiza Town

We stayed at Figueretas beach front, so it was very convenient for me to stay by the beach all day alone whilst my friend spent most of the time inside our room because she wasn’t really feeling well. She almost didn’t join us at Amnesia because our meeting time is 2am, yes 2am when the rest of the world is already sleeping, but Ibiza is just starting to party! But she “forced” herself to join me and surprisingly after a shot of Vodka Redbull, she got better! No kidding. She even survived the foam party!


View from our balcony :)

is one of the first and biggest clubs in Ibiza since the 80’s. It used to be a meeting point of hippie bands not until discotheque was introduced so the music was changed to dance music. It can house 50,000 people with 2 areas to choose from, the other area is where the show like flamenco-burlesque-type is shown and on the other side is where the resident or guest DJ spins. Hate to say this, but it was Paris Hilton who was spinning when we came haha! Well at least I get to see Paris in person and to be fair, even if this is not “spinning” what she was “showing”, it wasn’t boring at all. Songs aren’t hers so it’s all familiar to me, and that’s enough for me to dance all night long!

The best part was the foam party! I’ve been to foam parties before but it wasn’t as MUCH as this one that my friend and I panicked a bit because the feeling that you are drowning in foam is not so pretty, so we hurriedly went to the closest bar for our safety haha! Then we lost our friend Sharmin, it’s La Tomatina all over again! >.<

We went home around 6am, and that is considered early actually, people in Ibiza parties until the sun comes up, no wonder it’s so quiet during the day at the beach :P

Before we left Ibiza Town, we have visited Dalt Vila, a UNESCO World Heritage walled fortress surrounded by cobbled-street town. It is uphill so it’s quite a walk to be on top, but it was worth it because of the amazing panoramic view you’ll see on top.


On top of Dalt Vila


Coffeeshops at Dalt Vila

Upon arriving our accommodation at Sant Miguel which is a typical Ibizan house, we were welcomed by an Ibizan family who are all very helpful to us because they were surprised we didn’t rent a car, it’s just difficult to go around this countryside of Ibiza without a car or bike. Unfortunately, my friend and I cannot drive in Europe.

Sant Miguel is a more relaxing part of Ibiza, we went to Benirras Beach because it was Sunday and they have drumming party every first Sunday of the month, called “The Day of the Drums”. This tradition started during a full-moon party with the hippies in the 60’s and is still very much alive until this day.


Benirras Beach

The beach is pebbly and surrounded by densely pined forested cliffs. There is also a hippie market and few restaurants. The only way to go here is by car, so our host drove us going there, then going back we were lucky that the bus that is taking people to the carpark below is just beside where we stay, cool!

The next day, we went to Port de Sant Miguel because we wanted to see the Cova de Can Marçà or the natural cave along the cliffs by the beach. The cave would have been great if only they did not modernised it too much. I think I will appreciate it more if there were no artificial lighting, artificial waterfalls, and artificial sound effects! I just hope that the stalactites and stalagmites there were not artificial too haha! I feel like I am inside Disneyland, seriously. But that’s just me, glad that the panoramic view up there is amazing so it’s still worth the entrance fee and cab we spent going there.


Port de Sant Miguel


The way to the cave…

I’m glad that my friend split our Ibiza trip between its town centre and the countryside, at least we got to see both sides of Ibiza. And at least I get to tell with people that Ibiza is not just a party island. Apart from we didn’t really party as much as I expected we’ll have whilst there, I did enjoy Ibiza, even if the establishments are not so Spanish anymore, the Spanish culture is still very much alive.

I am also proud to say that I survived Ibiza without wishing I have an “amnesia” the next day because I’ve done mistakes I will regret the next morning haha! So I guess, even if I visited Ibiza when I’m older, it wouldn’t really matter. You can enjoy Ibiza regardless your age, because Ibiza is not just about parties and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Who knows, maybe I’ll go back again when I’m 80? Imagine me fist-pumping with my glowstick on one hand, and my crutch on the other one! Why not? *duntz duntz duntz* :D


Ibizan Sunset…

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