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Sharing Love With The Children of Sangkhlaburi

“Let us not be satisfied with just giving money.
Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them.

So, spread your love everywhere you go.” – Mother Theresa


Sangkhlaburi has been a home for many refugees coming from Myanmar (Burma) especially the Karen and Mon tribes. A lot of tourists are coming to Sangkhlaburi to do some volunteer works with these refugees especially for the kids. We’ve met a lot of teenagers from different countries who were there because they were volunteers. if you are interested to know how, please read on.

One of the days when Laurie was up on the mountains doing his radome project, I decided to go to Baan Unrak Bakery because they said it has the best chocolate cake in this small town. Then I found out that the proceeds will go to the orphans and single moms in Sangkhlaburi. Then I discovered more when I was there and talked to the staff. It’s not just a bakery or handicrafts shop, it’s a foundation.

So I got interested and asked one of the staff if I can see the children. Then they took me up the hill with one of the “sisters” with her motorbike and see their home called House of Joy, they even brought me to their school and there I saw Didi Ananda who is one of the founders of this home for almost 140 children.

When the kids needed to go back to their classes, they sent me back to the bakery. Then I met another lady who asked me how it was and I was very enthusiastic to tell her my experience. Little did I know, she is also a volunteer at one of the orphanage in Sangkhlaburi, and what really surprised me was, she is also a Filipina! Haha! I didn’t noticed it whilst talking to her and also I never expected to meet a Filipino in this very small town :D


Filipina teacher volunteers in Sangkhlaburi.

Her name is Rolyn, she is a volunteer for House of Hope, a Christian foundation/mission who also have the same objective as the Baan Unrak. They also support and help around 24 kids right now who are refugees from Myanmar too. Their house is at the Karen Village of Huang Malai. The next day, she took me to Myanmar (Burma) at Mon Village to see the Christian School and the kids. The following day, we went to visit their home in Huang Malai as we all enjoy our lunch eating Adobo :)

To understand clearly the background of what these kids have suffered in the past or why their parents abandoned them or given them away, you may want to watch this documentary film about the world’s longest civil war or internal conflict in Myanmar between the Burmese and ethnic groups like the Karens.



(1) Baan Unrak’s Children Village or House of Joy (Neo-Humanist)

It was founded by Neo-Humanists from Italy, Didi Ananda Devamala, and from Norway Didi Ananda Anuraga, to support and help the orphans and abused children refugees from Myanmar (or Burma). The children are taught to lead a vegetarian lifestyle and meditation (yoga). It is laso home for the single mothers and taught them to weave to make a living, they are also called the “mothers” of the orphans taking care of them. Volunteers and sponsorship are available, contact them directly at:

Their website HERE
Their Facebook page HERE

(2) House of Hope of Church of God World Mission (Christian)

There are (2) two House of Hope in Thailand and the one I visited is from the Church of God World Mission. It’s a big organization, however, with this orphanage in Sangkhlaburi is very new and needed more sponsors and volunteers. Right now, it’s only Rolyn who mothers these 24 kids alone. She takes care of them like her own children and teach them with their studies and raise them with Christian values.

I attended their Sunday service led by the childrem themselves. I must say, Rolyn is doing a good job in disciplining her kids, coz after we had lunch, she sent them to an afternoon nap before the kids can go out and play. I remeber my mom raising us that way hehe…We had adobo for our lunch btw! Volunteers and sponsorship are available, contact them directly at:

Their website HERE
Their Facebook page HERE



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