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Revisiting Phuket: When Rain Won’t Go Away…

“Remember even though the outside world might be raining,
if you keep on smiling the sun will soon show its face and smile back at you.”
– Anna Lee


Maya Beach | Rainy Phuket 2009

It was rainy season when I revisited Phuket in October 2009. It was cloudy and gloomy most of the time, and there are rain showers very often. We thought our Island Hopping Tour will be cancelled because of the rain, but business goes on in Phuket! I just had to take 2 sea-sick pills otherwise I would have not survived the tour, I’ve always have motion sickness so I have to be prepared. The pills kicked in and helped a lot, however it didn’t work with the other tourists so we’ve been surrounded by people getting sick and throwing up in a transparent plastic provided by the tour operators, argh! I almost throw up too by just seeing it! >.<


We got our flights and hotel in a very good deal because it’s the low season. It’s just funny that the airport is almost empty, we felt that we got our flight timings wrong, but we didn’t it was just empty haha!

We checked-in at Absolute Sea Pearl Hotel at Patong. In 2009, this hotel still looks fabulous and new, I even wanted to go back here on our upcoming trip, but I was surprised and disappointed after seeing the latest photos and reviews of this hotel, it wasn’t as beautiful as when we stayed there 5 years ago, sad to say. This hotel has a very good location in Patong, it’s just opposite the Patong Beach, some rooms can have the view of the beach too. It is just few steps to the happenings in Patong but it is still quiet during the night.

The last time I was in Phuket, I only went on the Adventure Tour Package, so on this visit, we tried the Island Hopping Tour Package that will bring us to James Bond Island and Maya Beach in Koh Phiphi where the movie “The Beach” was filmed.

I think we visited other more islands, but I don’t remember anymore, perhaps we didn’t go at all because of the rain haha! All I remember during this island hopping tour were people throwing up as we go from one island to another, and finding a covered place whenever we get off the boat, plus the beach was cold too so you will really just find a covered area and rest from the horrific sea-smashing boat ride.

Nevertheless, we are still happy that they did not cancel the tour so none of the tourist complained, including us. Let’s face it, if they cancelled it, are we just going to stay inside our hotel and/or just go to average beach of Patong? Of course that will be boring! So we are glad that despite the rain showers, we were still able to see other beautiful islands of Phuket. We enjoyed ourselves in every drop of the rain, it’s not like we have other choice haha!

Just because it is raining, you need to put your toys back in the house right? Seize the day and live every day as you want it, regardless of obstacles that does not permit you to have fun! By doing this on this rainy trip, we had no regrets, we made the most out of the rain and at the end of the trip, we all felt satisfied and accomplished!


Poor worn-out flipflops not meant for raining!


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