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Koh Phangan FMP: Lunacy Amongst Us @.@

“I still believe in paradise. But now at least I know it’s not some place you can look for, ’cause it’s not where you go. It’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you’re a part of something, and if you find that moment.
It lasts forever…”
 – Richard (The Beach)


Haad Rin’s Sunrise Beach | 2010

Travelers all over the world have been crashing their path towards one of the world’s famous, longest running and most attended beach party, the Full Moon Party at Koh Pangan, Thailand. They even claim that they are the very first and original!

I first heard about Koh Phangan is through the movie “The Beach” (didn’t read the book though). This is where Richard (Leonardo) and Sal get their supplies for the “secret beach”. In the movie they showed the crazy full moon party too.

But I’ve only got curious to go to Koh Phangan ‘s FMP through my traveller friends, because everyone is just raving about it!. They say it’s incomparable with Ibiza or Singapore’s ZoukOut beach parties. I also thought maybe we can also find a “secret beach” when we go there hehe.

I started doing my research about Koh Phangan and the best time to experience FMP is with a big group. So I waited for my friends to consider this on one of our long weekend holidays, then there was a big meet-up from fellow travellers from our group, TravBuddy.

We booked our flight to Bangkok, then domestic flight to Surat Thani, then a ferry boat to Koh Phangan island and Songthaew to get to Haad Rin (the village where FMP is held). Our bad that we didn’t book our accommodation ahead, we thought it’ll be easier if we just walk-in. But when we get there, all the beautiful guesthouses and well-located ones were all fully-booked!

There are available rooms at crappy accommodations but the price were sooo expensive! It’s like a 5-star hotel rate! It was an ordeal looking for one while carrying our backpacks. Until we found a bungalow somewhere further down Haad Rin’s busy area, it’s still a walking distance but somewhere quieter.

Koh Phangan’s FMP is a beach party from dusk till dawn with heart thumping loud music from famous Djs from Bangkok or any part of the world, bucket drinks, magic mushroom shake (but poor quality they say) and drugs (hmmm…well, I only saw people with marijuanas, that’s it. If there were other drugs, who would show those in public anyway!

Also the police are everywhere, that’s why I also felt safe and confident to walk around or maybe because I am part of a big group. I wouldn’t go there alone or with few girlfriends, but after the party, I felt like it’s manageable, just keep your sanity :P

Surprisingly, the beach is nice! Blue waters and ivory sand, almost perfect! They said it’s polluted, but I still find it better than other beaches who claims they have the nest beach, then when you see it, it’s all over-rated. Koh Pangan’s Sunrise Beach is still lovely.

It was jut a bad idea that I dipped in during the FMP, people are drunk and toilets are too far away, sooooo….I think you know what I mean >.<


Haad Rin’s Sunrise Beach before the FMP

I don’t know wether it’s the full moon or just the alcohol that made every one around me crazy! I was even encouraged to make things crazy and do foolish things as well (but that will be off the record hehe). It was all fun as I remember it. It’s one of those travel adventures that I felt I was really part of something going on around me. At least for once, I have a full moon to blame for my actions haha!

Koh Phangan’s FMP is something a traveller will have to experience even just once in their life. I just don’t think I’ll go back there again even if the transportation will be made easier in the future. I loved the whole experience but that one night we had in FMP is enough for me to be one of my most exciting travel stories to other people. Indeed, it was a moment that will last forever.

So for our next stop: Find the “secret beach” (Koh Phi Phi!)


The day after lunacy…

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