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Osaka: A Quick Day-Trip

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This is just our day-trip from Nagoya as it’s just an hour Shinkansen train ride. I wanted to see Osaka as it is known as “Japan’s best place to eat, drink and party”. I wanted to try their Okonomiyaki or the DIY food, a bit like steamboat/shabu-shabu, but with more choices like pancakes and soba, I also want to try my favorite Takoyaki (fried dumplings with octupus) because this is where it was originated. I also wanted to see Magnificent Osaka Castle and shop and party at Shinsaibashi. However, we are going there with my ex-bf’s mum’s friend and her little daughter, so they all decided to just go to…Universal Studios >.<

Universal Studios

Universal Studios

As we only went to Universal Studios, we ran out of time to go and explore the city of Osaka. We arrived Osaka around 10am and we have to be at the Train Station going back to Nagoya at 8pm, so just within the Universal Studios is already a one day itinerary. Unless, you will not go inside every attractions inside the Universal Studios and allot time (say until around 5pm only) for shopping at Osaka’s famous street – Shinsaibashi, I think it will be the best.


Vintage Cars

At Universal Studios, a whole day of excitement awaits you with your passport for unlimited rides. Experience the thrill of world’s favorite movies, such as “Shrek”, “Spiderman”, “Jurassic Park”, “ET”, “The Terminator”, “Back to The Future” and “The Jaws”. There are many theme restaurants and unique boutiques offering souvenirs and gifts.

Jurassic Rides

Jurassic Park Rides

If you have been to any Universal Studios or so fed up with theme parks, don’t bother to go here in Universal Studios Osaka, just spend your time roaming around Osaka City as there are lot more interesting places to go to and not just the Universal Studios. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed our day-trip in Osaka. I should just go back next time for me to explore what I want to see in the 3rd largest city in Japan. :)

Pink Panther meets Finkaroo!

Pink Panther meets Finkaroo!

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