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Zurich: The Meeting Point

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” – Carl Gustav Jung (Swiss Psychologist / Writer)

IMG_0525 copy

Zurich Central Station

Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and world’s leading global city and largest financial centers. It is said to be the “wealthiest” city in Europe. It is the center of culture and business, a host region of conventions, seminars and meetings…

So why would I go here? I am not a businessman, i don’t even own a Swiss account nor a Swiss knife! I only love cheese and chocolates, that is all…

Like I said on my previous post in Brussels, when I had to cancel my London trip, Basti told me to meet him in Zurich before everyone else will join us for our Germany trip…Hmmmm, it made sense to me as we can spend more time catching up, we have not seen each other for a year and Zurich can be perfect choice as a “Meeting Point”.

From Geneve airport, i have to take train going to Zurich Central Station. As I boarded the train, the train staff greeted me in French, the passengers talked in French as well. And as I reach Zurich, people are starting to talk in German…hmmm,interesting :P

I arrived Zurich in the morning and had to wait for Basti as he will arrive at night time from work, and a 5-hour drive from Regensburg,Germany. So while waiting for him, I began to tour around the city and to make it different, i made an artsy fartsy tour :)

I went to the following:

1. Le Corbusier Musuem (Heidi Weber Haus) – a house designed by Le Corbusier, a renowned Swiss architect/designer for his greatest patron, Heidi Weber…now this is a rarely opened museum and gallery showcasing Le Corbusier’s art and designs.

2. Opernhaus – it has the highest number of opera premieres in Europe, as well as first class ballet


3. Burkliplatz – this is where i spent most of my time with an alpine panoramic view of the Lake Zurich…


4. Helm haus / Water Church – to see exhibitions of Swiss art


5. Zwingli Platz / Grossmunster Church – the center for the reformation, Ulrik Zwingli is the man who inspired other reformists like Martin Luther…i bought my snowglobe here :)


6. Spiegelgasse – this is where dadaism was born…Dadaism is an anti-art, rebellious and anti-norm so to speak…it influenced the avant-garde, pop art, surrealism and punk rock.


7. Hirschten Platz (Old Town)– this is the old town of Zurich where buildings are like cuckoo clocks, cobblesdyoned narrow streets with array of trendy shops, bars and restaurants.


As I went back to our hotel to wait for Basti to arrrive from Regensburg,Germany, I had to recollect my thoughts and search my heart as to what has been bugging me few days before my flight to Europe.

Yes, of course I was excited, but why?

Apart from travelling alone and visiting Europe for the first time, I still had questions and doubts about my feelings. And in Zurich, I really found “TIME” to reveal it to myself, uhm maybe the big clocks, overkill watch ads and cuckoo clock style building architecture around me helped haha!…Seriously, I did :)


And then Basti arrived at midnight, and saw him again for the first time in the last 10 months. I hugged him like I’ve never seen a very dear friend or for some people which I can’t relate that much before — just like a brother.

I just felt and realized that sometimes when you look at outside or see things the way they seem to be and you hoped to be, you are just making yourself believe that dreams really do come true. However, if you look things how they are inside and search deeply what your heart really feels and not what it wanted to feel, then you will be awakened.

True enough, we both have moved on. And since we had a wonderful special friendship in the past, it wasn’t awkward for us to remain close friends up until now :)IMG_0725

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