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Oslo: Having a Warrior’s Spirit

“Well except for a few small bruises, cuts,and scars well i’m fine…Thank you for asking, I’m so glad we had this moment here, I know they think i’m crazy…But everything I am is everything I was taught to be. ”
– Maria Mena (Norwegian artist)

From Stockholm, I flew next to Oslo as part of my trip itinerary. On my way, I am happy when I think about how blessed my friend Jen is on her life right now. I am happy for her, but at the same time, it dawned on me on how I have been wanting too that kind of life — having a loving partner and my own family. I am enjoying my singleness now, however, sometimes I just can’t help it but to feel tired of going in a relationship to another and to another, the pain seems endless :P


Viking Hat Souvenir

I arrived Oslo around 8am on a weekday, Tourist Centres were still closed, so I was thinking maybe people are just busy and preoccupied that is why no one bothers to talk to you or just even an eye contact, so i figured out by myself on how to get to city from the airport and from Central Terminal to my hostel…Coz no one seem to look approachable.

No one greeted me at my hostel except the receptionist and just told me that check-in is not until 3pm! So there, i left my backpack and started to see the city. It’s not so big, that everywhere is just reachable by foot.

I went to the following:

1. Oslo Cathedral (which i think serves as a musical theater now sad to say)

2. Architecture Musuem (was ok, a bit boring)
3. Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (there’s a feminist exhibit at that time)
4. Akershus Castle (where i witnessed the transition of post of the castle guards!)


 5. Town Hall (hmmm, very typical)


6. Aker Brygge (shopping area where i bought my snowglobe)

7. Karl Johans Gate (another shopping area)

 8. Alfred Nobel Peace Centre (i didn’t go in, coz i already saw one is Stockholm)


9. Frogner Park (this is what i enjoyed the most! must see!)


On my last day, i still have not spoken to anyone yet, hmmm… So i decided to go to McDonald’s because it has wifi and just browse my Facebook, then i heard two ladies talking on the next table, they speak in a language familiar to me, too familiar, it’s Tagalog (Filipino)!!!

So i approached them and ask if i can join them coz i am dying to TALK! haha! then they were surprised coz they thought I am from Oslo hehe…so there, they shared their life testimonies and I was truly blessed by it!

Ate Susan’s marriage was annulled after all the pain she suffered during the last years of their relationship, and now she is getting married to a Norwegian guy who loves her inspite of, it’s never too late to find your true love.

She said something like: “Those who appear in your life, whether to help or to harm, are all given by God. Meet all of them with a peaceful heart but with a warrior’s spirit. You will fail many times, but in failing you will learn. And in learning you will find your way. Remember, there are no mistakes in life, only lessons. And lessons will keep repeating themselves until learned.”

And oh, she also said, Norwegians are NOT snob as i almost starting to believe at that moment. She said they are just SHY, you have to smile and talk first. She said, do just like what you did to us…


Then when they left i started to share it on my Facebook status: “God is the God of restoration”.
God does not give you so much pain you cannot contain, He does not break your heart so you will suffer. If these things happen, just have faith in Him that He will restore you, even you have been bruised, cut and scarred, you’ll be fine ;)

Coz He will give you something stronger, something better, something sweeter :)

As i went back to my hostel there’s a big smile perhaps on my face, coz suddenly everything around me changed. People started to smile back and say hello! And as i left my hostel, the new guy in the front desk said: “Where are you from? You look different, so pretty it glows.”

So then, I jokingly replied… “From heaven.” :D


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