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Copenhagen: The World Above the Stars

“Why have not we an immortal soul? asked the little mermaid mournfully; I would give gladly all the hundreds of years that I have to live, to be a human being only for one day, and to have the hope of knowing the happiness of that glorious world above the stars.” – Hans Christian Andersen (Danish Writer)


Ferderiksholms Kanal

After visiting Copenhagen, I actually appreciated how beautiful is our world to live in!
Copenhagen is the world’s most environmental friendly city, people are very law abiding so it is clean and safe, most people ride the bicycle so it is now tagged as the City of the Cyclists, topping Amsterdam now i guess…

It is also a happy city. People are very warm, helpful and they love to talk…a lot! (btw they speak good english)

My hostel (Copenhagen City Hostel) is the best hostel I’ve been so far, it is very clean and even the toilet floors are heated! However, I am not sure if it’s by mstake or what, but I was the ONLY girl in the 8-pax room! Did i get scared? Not at all! First roomie i met is from Melbourne, he went to Copenhagen to work for internship to the World’s BEST Restaurant, Noma, but i didn’t go there coz he said food is so expensive hehe. Soon after, i met up with my Travbuddy friend, Archie.


Inside my hostel

Archie is Filipino but raised in Copenhagen, I admire his effort to talk in our native language Tagalog even I know it is laready his 3rd laguage (1st Danish, 2nd English). He is a very hardworking man and a man with ambition, he loves his Danish girlfriend so much that he had set his future plans WITH her, sweet huh? :)

It was a weekday when I arrived Copenhagen, but Archie took off from his work and showed me around his city, he drove me to places i must see and he took me to an authentic restaurant to have a taste of what a Danish cuisine is all about (and he paid for it! haha!) It was so fun to be with him considering this is our first time to meet personally, too bad that he had to go back to work again, so I have to see the rest of the city alone. Hope we could meet again in our future travels :)

Stegt Flaesk with Parsley Sauce

Stegt Flaesk with Parsley Sauce


These are the places i went to:

1. Rosenborg and Amalienborg PalaceIMG_9584
2. The Marble Church – a Baroque architecture Protestant church

3. Maersk main office
– Denmark has an excellent harbour until it became the center of trade and commerce

Docked opposite Maersk's main headquarters - SKAT is a luxurious yacht, owned by someone from Microsoft who has a Danish girlfriend who calls him skat meaning "honey".

Docked opposite Maersk’s main headquarters – SKAT is a luxurious yacht, owned by someone from Microsoft who has a Danish girlfriend who calls him skat meaning “honey”.

4. Christianborg Palace
– home of the Danish Parliament
5. Absalon’s Castle

6. King’s Garden

7. Gefion Fountain – it’s like their main plaza

8. Stroget – longest pedestrian shopping area, this is where i bought my snowglobe

Danish pastries along Stroget

Danish pastries along Stroget

9. Museum of Art and Design – this is always a MUST for me :)

IMG_9599 copy

street performer at Stroget

10. Architecture Library – near my hostel with wifi, so i visited it hehe :P

bored castle guard :P

bored castle guard :P

Going back to my hostel, i met two wonderful travellers from Croatia, Sasa and Marin… They are so nice and never did i felt awkward staying with them i one room. We shared all our travel experience and surprised that they have gone to more places in Copenhagen considering i arrived the city first!

So in the middle of the night, we got hungry and these guys have pulled me out of bed just to show the places i missed to see, like Nyhavn, the waterfront entertainment area. Even i was too lazy to get up, i joined them, and wow! they took me to a street photo exhibit and was too bad i didn’t bring my camera! ;(

The photos were so inspiring, it’s about travelling the world and seeing the unique culture of each placeS, too bad there is no Philippines and Croatia hehe :D


As we walked back to our hostel (so safely even in the middle of the night!) I realized that I have fallen in love of the city coz I was already starting to miss it knowing I am already leaving the next day. Copenhagen is my 3rd favorite city during this trip (next to Paris and Berlin) and I am so sure that i will go back here again someday :)

I didn’t have the chance to see the Little Mermaid statue because she was on holiday at Wales at the time of my visit, true! haha! But I am inspired by what Christian Hans Andersen wrote about how an immortal being would give up her hundred lives just to live one day as human. Yes, life is difficult, but there are hundreds or thousands of reasons to be happy in this world!  And being able to travel and see places like Copenhagen is one of those ;)

the Little Mermaid i failed to see...she's well traveled!

the Little Mermaid i failed to see…she’s well traveled!

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen: The World Above the Stars

  1. Hehehe… Thanks naman sa kind words mo Até :)
    And Im happy to hear that you enjoyed my hometown of Copenhagen… Always feel free to come back, but do it in the summertime para mas mainit and more gimmiks going on!!!

  2. Thanks “Kuya” for dropping a comment and glad you liked it! I would definitely go back there in Copenhagen, one of these days ;) More travels for you too this 2014!

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