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Svefn g Englar – Sigur Rós

I was just introduced to the music of Sigur Rós very recently (2011) through Laurie when he found out that I am into ethereal sounds. Finally, we found something in common in music! Haha! He is not so into anything pop and he despises me for liking some pop artists hehe, and I am not so into acid rock (and dubstep!) in which he likes very much. So ethereal sounds is the music we both listen to, when we are together :P

Sigur Rós is a post-rock band from Iceland. And just like Björk, their lyrics is if not in Icelandic, it’s in Vonlenska or a Sigur Rós made up language. Either way, I don’t understand it anyway, so the lyrics doesn’t bother me, it actaully adds more to its authenticity. Aside from the falsetto voice, using a bow to a guitar is their trademark. Lately, I realized I am liking more bands from iceland, makes me think maybe it’s about time to visit Iceland soon!

I’m a fan of Game of Thrones too, and they just announced that Sigur Rós will be appearing on Season 4 next year! (2014) I wonder if they will act or perform as a group? Hmmmmm, can’t wait!

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