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It’s Oh So Quiet – Betty Hutton and Björk

When I first heard Björk was through this song, I didn’t know that it was just a remake from this artist Betty Hutton that was unknown to me then. I love both original and remake. Björk beautifully messed it up hehe :)

Björk is one of the artist that influenced me to like this kind of music style – ethereal, trip-hop, gothic rock. Her eccentricity attracted me the most, I love her guts even if it was disastrous for her to wear that swan dress at the Oscars, I couldn’t care less about it, that’s her, and that’s why “we” like her! Haha! I couldn’t wait to see her live with the rest of my favorite Icelandic artists (Sigur Rós, Emiliana Torrini, Of Monsters and Men) in one music festival in Iceland! Hehe i wish :P

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