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Black Milk, Teardrop – Massive Attack with Portishead & Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins)

It’s really hard for me to describe TRIPHOP. When I hear a music that sounds like Massive Attack or Portishead, I call their genre “triphop”. It is like a sound of fusion of a lot of genres — electronica, ambient, house, dubstep, jazz, ethereal, gothic rock, shoegaze, psychedelic, funk, drum&bass, reggae and slow hiphop (without the rapping! :P).

It originated in Bristol, England in the 90’s as an alternative sound when rock and hiphop music are dominating the industry, triphop was born as an alternative sound at that time, more of like a lounge or chill-out music. That is why I was so excited when Laurie brought me to Bristol during our England holiday, because it is so evident around the city where the influence of this music is coming from, too bad we didn’t see Massive Attack nor Portishead hehe. Btw, Laurie’s mum grew up in the little town of Portishead! Kewl ;)

“Black Milk” and “Teardrop” are two tracks from massive Attack’s album “Mezzanine”. The video is from the Tsunami Fund Raising concert in Bristol in 2005 where Massive Attack and Portishead share the same stage for the first time, while Liz Fraser of Cocteau Twins sang these two songs for them. Wow!

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