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Babooshka – Kate Bush

I believe, she is the mother of all eccentric artists out there!

I came to know her music when I often hear her from my favorite artists, like Tori Amos & Bjork to name a few, as their major influence in their artistry. When I first heard her “Wuthering Heights” song, I thought it was eclectic however, when I realized that this record was released in the 70’s, I started to admire her for being so advance compared to the artists at that time, and she was just a teenager then! :O

Kate Bush‘s music is always against the norm. When I heard her most recent album, “50 Words of Snow”, most people don’t like it or don’t get it. But I do! It’s more leaning towards ethereal and instrumentalism. That’s Kate Bush. Reinventing herself into something new that only few in mainstream could appreciate because it’s surreal.

One of the new songs of Kate Bush release last january 2012 only, Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe:

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