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Avatar – Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance is an ethereal gothic band with influences of Celtic sound, African beats, Middle Eastern mantras, chants and multi-layered voices. Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard disbanded but reunited last 2005, and just had their world tour in 2012. I was supposed to watch them on this reunion world tour in Lebanon, but I guess it’s not the time yet for me, they need to tour more! :(

My friend shared DCD to me way back 1995, when he found out that I love Cocteau Twins so much and very much into dark sounds at that time. He told me I may like DCD so he lend me his cassette tape album Spleen and Ideal where I first heard the song Avatar. I used to possess their compilation album, A Passage in Time and I remember my mum would used to tell me to stop playing it as it frightens her :P Sometimes it does frighten me too! Haha! But then again, I admire them because I do not know any gothic band that as great as them! Long live DCD!

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