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Wait – Cynthia Alexander

Cynthia Alexander is often described as the Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco of the Philippines. They may have similarities in musical style, but Cynthia Alexander added Asian sound to her music, particularly Philippine’s indigenous sound. She is the sister of another well-respected Filipino artist, Sir Joey Ayala, where they usually play in one band with Bagong Lumad on their world tours. Sadly, she left Philippines already and moved to Seattle. I am 100% sure she’ll have a wonderful career there!

I began following Cynthia Alexander when I joined a mountaineering group in college (UP Mountaineers) in 1996 and we often go to small pubs/bars to support Filipino folk artists like her with the same advocacies as ours. What struck me the most is her guitar playing! Since then I’m already a HUGE fan! I have ALL her albums with her autograph! Weeee!!!

When she had a mini-concert at Singapore, I was blessed enough to have the chance to sort of hang out with her! I remember her as very accommodating ever since, but this time, it was more special, and I will really treasure that for the rest of my life. I tried to act cool in front of her when we chat over a bottle of beer while watching the rain, but she didn’t know I was really ecstatic already deep inside hahaha! As in OMG :O

The BEST thing that happened to me on that day was to be able to sing with her with my favorite song from her album Insomnia, “Slipping Away”. She said, she only played this song in public ONCE, and that was the only 2nd time she played it because I kept on asking her to play it :P Again, OMG! :O

Here’s the video :P (pardon me for being so nervous lol!

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