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Sugar Hiccup – Cocteau Twins

This is not my favorite Cocteau Twins song actually. But I came to know their music through a Filipino local band, Sugar Hiccup, which is obviously hinting what their music sounded like. It was in mid-90’s when I am so into alternative rock and watching alternative bands in various underground pubs/bars. Until I find myself more fascinated with darker slow-tempo music, not so gothic but more of eclectic sound. Then I instantly like the local band Sugar Hiccup when I first saw them live at Club Dredd. Then a friend told me that he has some cassette tapes to lend that I will surely love, Cocteau Twins.

Cocteau Twins is a Scottish dream pop-ethereal band. Their music is best known for layers of guitar effects and Liz Fraser‘s unclear lyrics, mostly sung in Scottish Gaelic or just speaking in tongues (yes like in Christian prayers!). After listening to those albums lent to me, I bought my very first Cocteau Twins album, “Heaven or Las Vegas”, but I can’t just get enough of them so I bought albums every time I spot one as it was very rare for music stores in the Philippines to have a copy of their album in the 90’s.

Btw, I used to have an all-female band in the 90’s and we started as a band playing alternative rock songs but as I am very much limited with my guitar technical skills, I sort of enforce with my bandmates that we play slow-tempo, dark, and eerie music, so I can get away with guitar solo riffs haha! Until this kind of music grew on us, we even cover a song from Cocteau Twins! A-mazing ;)

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