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Red Football – Sinead O’Connor

Sinead O’Connor is one of the most influential female artist of our time. Her strong beliefs and expressing her views in religion, sexuality, child abuse, and war, that has put her to a lot of controversies. Initially, I like her because she’s from Ireland! I am fascinated with Irish bands and artists before, reason why I want to visit Ireland ever since :P Then the guts of shaving off her head that I have been wanting when I was in college but I just couldn’t. Then of course, her musical style as well.

“Red Football” is one of the songs on my favorite album “Universal Mother”. She wrote the songs here for her new-born child then. It’s a song about a battered woman from someone, perhaps boyfriend or husband, or employer for some maids, etc. I remember listening to this song particularly when I was in a failed relationship before.

Lyrics here.

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