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Janis Joplin covers by P!nk

“Take Another Piece of My Heart” is my favorite of the few Janis Joplin‘s songs that I know, and I know no artist can do it better than her, but if I have to choose one who can nail it close to Joplin, of course it has to be the one only, P!nk! 

When we talk about pop music, she is definitely next to Madonna for me. Nobody in this generation can belt out a song like her. Yes, some still can, but I still don’t like their vocal style hehe. I like P!nk’s husky and raspy voice. I also love how she performs live, especially now that she’s adding more stunts that other artists couldn’t do whilst singing without losing the clarity of the tone and pitch. Perhaps, I am just a frustrated singer that is why I adore her so much haha!

I initially didn’t like her and her music when she was just starting her career. It’s too danceable for me hehe. But I’m glad that she reinvented herself to her album “I’m Not Dead” which I think is what she really is, a rockstar! When I moved to Singapore, we formed an all-female band, but unlike my college all-female band, we came from different musical influences, so we compromised to play pop-rock, and most of our covers were from P!nk!

One of my favorite live performances of P!nk is at Grammy Awards in 2010:

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