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If You Go Away – Emiliana Torrini

It’s her voice that caught my attention when I first heard her with this song “If You Go Away”, when I was watching the movie “Pumpkin” starring Christina Ricci. I thought it was Björk (whom I really really like!) but I know it’s not her, so I got interested to find out. Then I learned that Emiliana Torrini is also from Iceland like Björk! Do they really have small voices there? Hihi, makes me wonder… coz I have a new favorite band, Of Monsters and Men, and Nanna the female singer of the band also have a small voice :P

Emiliana Torrini had several movie soundtrack songs, and the most successful one is the Lord of The Rings’ Gollum’s Song. Her voice is very distinctive and that itself is a “style” she is best known for. I have to see see her perform one day! Hopefully, when I go to Iceland ;)

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