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Corduroy – Pearl Jam

I remember watching Pearl Jam when they visited Manila sometime around 1995, it was truly unforgettable! I was with my friends at that time at the bleacher side (that’s all we can afford in college lol) when all along we thought it was over, they suddenly play “Daughter” in the dark, few minutes after a long break. It was riot! People can’t seem to stop screaming and jumping, then fans from outside Folk Arts Theatre started to break in over the walls. I was scared to death at first, but then I found myself being pushed at the front row already! Haha, even if I lost my friends, I was too ecstatic at that moment :P

Then when they played “Corduroy” that was the time I felt tears rolling down my eyes wahahaha! This song is not even my favorite PJ song lol! Then I was already hand in hand with a handsome white fella (teeny like me then) while we feel the water that Eddie Vedder was sprinkling to us (the audience!) it’s still making me smile (and laugh!) until now. Classic.

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