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All The Things She Said – TATU

When I first heard “All The Things She Said” in early 2003 (I think), I was sitting at my desk, when radio played it on-air. I literally dropped what I was doing then, and just stared at the office radio (perhaps jaw dropped) and said, “Who the hell are those girls!?!”

It was dreamy, dark and brave, something I was so into at that time. I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics anymore, I just knew then that I will have to follow a new group. TATU is a pop-rock duo from Moscow, they were just teen agers when they started. Eventually, they made it to the airwaves and became mainstream, they became very controversial because of their sex orientation. But I didn’t care then, all I cared about is their musical style. I just hope they will be reunited again.

Lyrics here.

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